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Xbox Live is Getting DDOSED or Hacked: January 3’rd 2014

Author: Ben Dains

    As we speak, Xbox Live is currently down. I am unable to even get online at the moment and it appears to be suffering from DDOS. At the moment, only DERP (DerpTrolling) seems to be the one with any answers, and they claim to be the party behind the attacks. One tweet they said, roughly 19 minutes ago (current time is 10:57 CST), “DERP ‏@DerpTrolling17m Xbox Live login servers #offline” and only 6 minutes ago they said “We’ve yet to fire the Gaben Laser Beam™; Xbox Live is being targeted with our botnet of refrigerators”.

We will have to wait and see how the future plays out and I will keep you updated on what Microsoft has to say on the situation!

— Edit (11:08 PM CST)
    I have since been able to get on Xbox Live and the DDOS’s have seemed to stop. I will keep you posted as soon as @XboxSupport or Microsoft produces some kind of explanation!