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The 2013 Games I Played the Most

Author: Ben Dains
    All of the games I played in 2013 were mind blowing, to say the least. I loved all the tiny, intricate details that went into Grand Theft Auto 5, and even though many people were not interested in Call of Duty Ghosts; I played the shit out of those games. Battlefield 4 was such an amazing beta, and I am honored to give them my feedback in hopes that it made a better game. Recently I received Assassin’s Creed 4, but by the time I will get to jump into that endless open world, its already 2014! I enjoyed the titles of 2013, and I can’t wait to continue to make new videos as time goes on. Some of my favorite memories are already captured in videos; and and and

Its a new year with many awesome titles coming out soon, I am super excited. Titles such as Watchdogs, and the newest Halo make 2014 a very interesting gaming year! What titles are you most excited about for 2014?