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Gaming News – Minecraft Rocks! Episode 2

Author:Ben Dains

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Hello all my viewers! I wanted to say thanks for checking out this Minecraft video, I think you will enjoy it! Tucker and I decide to add onto our house, have a few pigs, and start on some crazy adventures! Thanks for watching, remember to subscribe for more! Enjoy!


Xbox Live is Getting DDOSED or Hacked: January 3’rd 2014

Author: Ben Dains

    As we speak, Xbox Live is currently down. I am unable to even get online at the moment and it appears to be suffering from DDOS. At the moment, only DERP (DerpTrolling) seems to be the one with any answers, and they claim to be the party behind the attacks. One tweet they said, roughly 19 minutes ago (current time is 10:57 CST), “DERP ‏@DerpTrolling17m Xbox Live login servers #offline” and only 6 minutes ago they said “We’ve yet to fire the Gaben Laser Beam™; Xbox Live is being targeted with our botnet of refrigerators”.

We will have to wait and see how the future plays out and I will keep you updated on what Microsoft has to say on the situation!

— Edit (11:08 PM CST)
    I have since been able to get on Xbox Live and the DDOS’s have seemed to stop. I will keep you posted as soon as @XboxSupport or Microsoft produces some kind of explanation!

Gaming News: Minecraft Rocks!

Author:Ben Dains
Well everyone, I said I would never get Minecraft, but it is a pretty good game in my opinion. I set out on an adventure with HerbertTheBad who is playing on his brothers account at the moment and we manage to build us a little house for the night. This game is really awesome, to say the least! The adventure and open world is amazing, but the sheer fact that you can use every bit of your imagination to create anything that you would ever dream about, that in itself is such a big selling point for kids. My girlfriends little brother plays this and he loves it. I can see myself really getting into it as well, please, make sure you subscribe for future videos!

Watch this episode here —

The 2013 Games I Played the Most

Author: Ben Dains
    All of the games I played in 2013 were mind blowing, to say the least. I loved all the tiny, intricate details that went into Grand Theft Auto 5, and even though many people were not interested in Call of Duty Ghosts; I played the shit out of those games. Battlefield 4 was such an amazing beta, and I am honored to give them my feedback in hopes that it made a better game. Recently I received Assassin’s Creed 4, but by the time I will get to jump into that endless open world, its already 2014! I enjoyed the titles of 2013, and I can’t wait to continue to make new videos as time goes on. Some of my favorite memories are already captured in videos; and and and

Its a new year with many awesome titles coming out soon, I am super excited. Titles such as Watchdogs, and the newest Halo make 2014 a very interesting gaming year! What titles are you most excited about for 2014?

Its a Montage!

Author: Ben Dains
I had a great time creating this Call of Duty Ghosts Sniping Montage! The video starts with a cutscene from COD Ghosts and then the montage video starts at 1:40. If you don’t want to watch the whole video, feel free to click the annotation provided! This is my first COD Ghosts montage, however, I have made previous montages in previous Call of Duty games. This montage has some basic clips and some awesome clips as well! I really hope you enjoy the video!! Enjoy!

GTA 5 Fire Truck Trolling

Author: Ben Dains
As you spray unsuspecting people with the fire truck in GTA 5 Online, you have to laugh as you do it. It is so easy to do, and it seems to be even more funny because people tend to underestimate the power of the fire truck. The fire truck easily picks up speed and can smash into anything with the force of a run away tank. I, FinalStandLabs aka HerpMasta (thats my gamertag online), tend to steal fire trucks every time I get the chance too, and even if you don’t see them driving around randomly after you start a chaotic mess; you can simply call 911 on your cell phone and wahlah, you get a fire truck delivered right to you. Please, enjoy this video and have a laugh, but remember, you have got to do this yourself to really enjoy it! Here is a link to the video, please leave me a comment and tell me what you liked most about the video! Enjoy!