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GTA 5 Fire Truck Trolling

Author: Ben Dains
As you spray unsuspecting people with the fire truck in GTA 5 Online, you have to laugh as you do it. It is so easy to do, and it seems to be even more funny because people tend to underestimate the power of the fire truck. The fire truck easily picks up speed and can smash into anything with the force of a run away tank. I, FinalStandLabs aka HerpMasta (thats my gamertag online), tend to steal fire trucks every time I get the chance too, and even if you don’t see them driving around randomly after you start a chaotic mess; you can simply call 911 on your cell phone and wahlah, you get a fire truck delivered right to you. Please, enjoy this video and have a laugh, but remember, you have got to do this yourself to really enjoy it! Here is a link to the video, please leave me a comment and tell me what you liked most about the video! Enjoy!